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Re: Keep The Focus Where It Belongs

Do I detect a slight 'homophobia?'"-- from a reader commenting on this post

Not from me, in the slightest, though the word "homophobia" itself is one I would not use. I was making another point: that Muslim lesbians, or Muslim women, or Muslim anything, whose situation is intolerable under Islam, should not be given undue or confused attention, and Infidels hail this or that possible victory -- that for them, the Infidels, may mean nothing.

I don't think homosexuality will be openly tolerated in Muslim societies even though it is furtively tolerated. But if it were, would that imply less of a menace for Infidels? If Islam is made safe for Irshad Manji, does that make it safe for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and all others? No.

I was thinking not so much of the Muslim intolerance of homosexuality (see Peter Titchell, in England), but about the Problem of Muslim Women, which has become an industry. Think of the number of books and seminars and courses about "Women in Islam." That strikes me as a topic that, while seeming to recognize a problem in Islam, may too easily satisfy some. What if the lot of Muslim women improves?

There's a lot of breathless talk about that happening, and a lot of silly articles, like the one the other day in The Times about some Iranian-American who has taken it upon herself, having as an adult "accepted Islam" (apparently she was not raised as a Muslim), and having read the Qur'an and been horrified by verses about women, to translate it and somehow think she can get away with simply interpreting away, by omission, the verses damaging to women -- my god, with the Qur'an, the Uncreated and Immutable Qur'an that is the Literal word of God, this lady thinks she can do that, and what's more, have it accepted by more than a dozen or two Muslims, with many of the rest ardently desiring her death. This is the kind of thing that distracts the attention of the kind of people who both write for The Times, or read The Times uncritically, and think that yes, indeed, why not simply rewrite the Qur'an in order to quickly get that little matter of "reforming" Islam out of the way, and do it in the next decade or two.

Many Muslim "feminists" are more Muslim than feminists, and are quite good at sensing attacks on Islam and immediately coming to its defense, even if it means abandonment or betrayal of their so-called "feminism."

That was, in the main, what I was discussing.

And my point about the meeting of Arab (come to think of it, were they Muslims? Might they have been Christian Arabs?) lesbians in Israel, was that they might both be enjoying the tolerance of an advanced Western society, that of Israel, and yet still be unable to make the connection between Islam and intolerance, Islam and fear, and maintain their loyalty to that belief-system, and even keep intact the hostility, or even hatred, for Infidels that Islam so obviously inculcates (and some Muslims, just as obviously, may ignore -- that is, may be "bad" Muslims).

Homosexuality was not really the theme, not even tangentially. And I reject utterly your suggestion -- thus coming, by a commodious vicus, in the last sentence of this posting, right back to the first one, with which the present discussion began.