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Lefties - same old, same old

Boris Johnson, writing in The Telegraph, makes some good points about the British Left, arguing that they have "changed their tactics, but not their spots":

They are like those poor fishermen in the Andaman Islands, overwhelmed by the 21st century, clinging to their old language and customs, but basically outmanoeuvred and humiliated by history....

.....But you cannot destroy the Lefty instinct; you cannot defeat it by argument. As Gilbert and Sullivan point out, it is an essential part of human nature. Every little boy and girl/That's born into this world alive/ Is either a little liberal/ Or a little conservative.....

The Lefty instinct hasn't gone away: it has just mutated. Once they discovered they had lost the big economic arguments, Lefties decided there was no longer any need to own large chunks of industry. They could achieve their objectives through regulation, and the tyranny of political correctness.

Lefties are fundamentally interested in coercion and control, and across British society you can see the huge progress they are now making in achieving their objectives: in the erosions of free speech and civil liberties that are taking place under this government, in the ever more elaborate regulation of the workplace, the bans on hunting, smacking, smoking, the demented rules about the numbers of children you may take in a swimming pool, the proposed plan to tag your car to see where you have been, Prescott's mad spy satellites to see if you have built an unauthorised conservatory.

The Lefties aren't dead, my friends; they have simply adapted brilliantly and smoothly to new circumstances. Naturam expellas furca, as we say in Henley, tamen usque recurret.

How true. But why isn't David Cameron making this point? There are plenty of Britons who feel the same way.