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Stop the Jizyah #968

"It would be negative and even “disastrous” if the EU completely halted its payments to the Palestinians. If the problems in Palestine grew, it would weaken the moderates in Arab countries and strengthen the extremists, she [Marvat Tallawy] maintained."
-- from this article

It would be "disastrous" if Infidels continue to pay what is essentially Jizyah to "Palestiian" Arabs. Billions have been given already. Some of those billions disappeared when Arafat died, into the hands of Suha Arafat, Abbas himself, and all the other members of the dutiful retinue. How do think their children can live in the West, go to school in the West, enjoy flats in southern France (remember that apartment in --where was it? Cannes? -- that As Saiqa leader Zuheir Mohsein had been living in?). There never should have been any Infidel aid to either the "Palestinian" Arabs, merely the local shock troops of the Lesser Jihad, nor to Egypt, from which the advice-dispenser above comes, nor to Jordan, nor to Pakistan.

Let the rich Muslims, who take in billions every single day now without lifting a finger (the Westerners who lift that crude do all the work for them), who have been the recipients of some $10 trillion dollars since 1973, supply whatever aid is to be given to the permanently unviable (economically, politcally, morally) "Palestinian" territories carved out of the very small sliver of land that the League of Nations, and its Mandates Commission, intended for the establishment of the Jewish National Home.

It is important for Infidels to break with the idea that they owe Muslims. They don't. It is absurd. It is important for them to force Muslims to understand that the days of Jizyah, however disguised, however plausibly demanded, are over. They are on their own. They must figure out what it is about inshallah-fatalism, and 1350 years of relying on the protection-racket money of Jizyah supplied by non-Muslims, that has prevented them all from learning to establish modern economies.

No Jizyah. Not when the "Palestinians" are outraged, not when 10 of the ll members of OPEC are Arab or Muslim, and the recipients of the greatest transfer of wealth -- all of it unmerited -- in human history.