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Girl stoned to death for writing letter

And what did the letter do? It criticized Muhammad and Islam (along with Jesus and some local Pastors but nobody would stone her for that).  She was just 20 years old.

Minna, Nigeria: Trouble started at about  noon when the girl whose identity is yet to be ascertained was said to have walked straight into the Jumat Mosque in Izom where she  dropped the inciting letter in the Mosque.

As the letter was opened, it was discovered that it was a letter full of unprintable materials accusing both Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and even some living and  dead Pastors of some misdeeds.

The lady was immediately trailed and arrested by the people who also handed her over to the police.
While the lady was under protective police custody for interrogation, the news of the inciting letter had spread to the town while the youth immediately mobilized and  stormed the Izom Police station where they demanded for the release of the girl for instant judgement...