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Another Turkish rally - this weekend in Istanbul
The Australian reports on today’s rally for democracy in Istanbul. To read some reports of the protests in Turkey one would think it was a struggle between a secular military and democratic Islamics. The inference being military bad, democratic good.
This report brings out a different facet.
More than a million Turks took part last night in a mass rally in Istanbul in support of secularism and democracy, amid a tense standoff between the moderate Islamist Government and the army over presidential elections.
The crowd, carrying red and white Turkish flags and portraits of founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, filled Istanbul's sprawling Caglayan Square in a demonstration organised by 600 non-governmental organisations.
"Turkey is secular and will remain secular", "Neither sharia, nor coup d'etat, democratic Turkey", they chanted.
Police said there were well in excess of a million demonstrators. Organisers said the rally drew people from all over Turkey and abroad. The Istanbul demonstration followed a similar one in Ankara on April 14 that attracted up to 1.5million people.
The rest is here.