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From the Sunday Mirror.
A BRITISH National Party activist who claims he is a respectable businessman is really a Nazi fanatic who dresses in German uniform and flies a swastika flag.
Window firm boss Karl Newman, 47, a candidate for the far-right BNP in Thursday's local elections, denies he is a racist or Nazi sympathiser in campaign leaflets.
But, in fact, he dresses in World War Two Wehrmacht uniforms and has a sick fascination with Hitler.
He has spent years restoring two wartime troop carriers built by Jewish concentration camp labour. One has a giant swastika on the bonnet and he flies another of the Nazi flags from the back. Newman even takes out six-year-old son William in the vehicle at weekends.
Pictures on his website show him in Nazi uniform. In one a cardboard cut-out of Hitler is driving one of the vehicles, called Kubelwagens.
Confronted by the Sunday Mirror, he said: "I am aware they were built by slave labour - but I can't do anything about that." Newman, standing in Greenlands ward of Redditch Council in the West Midlands, added: "OK - so the BNP is only for white people, but that does not mean I am a racist."
The Sunday Mirror rarely put the photos on their website - these are scanned in from the newsprint. That's my excuse for the poor quality.