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Democracy + Islam = Islam

As Islamists political parties continue to rack up gains though democratic methods, the US and the EU back them all the way. Lost on people like Condoleeza Rice and these EU ministers, so smug in their support for "democracy," is the fact that Islam will eventually lay waste to every land where it spreads unless it is constrained through un-democratic means. The massive demonstrations in Turkey attest to the fact that secular pluralism can only flourish when Islam is constrained.

The Observer: Turkey came under mounting pressure from the European Union last night to rein in the influence of its generals, after the country's powerful pro-secular military threatened to intervene in the Islamic-oriented government amid growing turmoil over the election of a new President.

Olli Rehn, the European Union enlargement commissioner, who has been a keen supporter of Ankara's eventual accession to the bloc, warned the military to stay out of politics, saying the election was a 'test case' for the Turkish military's respect for democracy...