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Five get life over UK bomb plot
Reuters gives more information on the Judge’s comments as he sentences the 5 convicted men that the UK newspaper sites. Update from this morning’s news of the guilty verdicts.
A judge jailed five "cruel and ruthless" Britons for life on Monday for plotting al Qaeda-inspired bomb attacks on targets across Britain ranging from nightclubs to trains and a shopping centre.
"The sentences are for life. Release is not a foregone conclusion. Some or all of you may never be released," judge Michael Astill told London's Old Bailey central criminal court. (That should correctly be Central Criminal Court Old Bailey, and Judge with a capital J but I will forgive the copywriter this once)
The BBC reports that -  The judge, Sir Michael Astill, said the men, all British citizens, had "betrayed their country". 
Were this an acknowledged war they could have been tried for treason – I suspect that the Judge has realised how serious the situation is.
There is no doubt at all the carnage would have been immense," London's anti-terrorism chief Peter Clarke told Reuters. "I have no doubt at all they are clearly linked straight into the heart of al Qaeda."