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Islam Is Whatever

Islam as a doctrine is indefensible. The history of the treatment of non-Muslims under Islam is, by modern standards, also indefensible -- and that treatment remains today no different, in theory (though here and there in possible practice)  what it was a hundred or a thousand years ago.

So what can someone do who is faced with a growing awareness of this by Infidels? He can do what Tariq Ramadan does, and talk soothingly about a "European Islam" without specifying what new versions of the canonical texts -- Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira -- will somehow support this mythical "European Islam."

Or he can do what the Muslim in this case does, and what so many "New Muslims" (as they are carefully called to keep from calling them "reverts" and exposing to Infidel minds the Muslim belief that everyone is born a Muslim and that is why one does not "convert" but "revert" to Islam) do: create one's Own Private Islam.

Yes, Be All You Can Be, goes the annoying advertising jingle.

And for some Muslim propagandists, the word to be peddled on the Infidel street is: Islam is Whatever You Want It to Be.

If that is true, why not simply jettison Islam altogether? Why not "want it to be" Buddhism, or Christianity, or Judaism or Hinduism?

How's that for an idea?