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Begin Congressional Investigations Into The D. H. S.

What better way for those who wish to promptly stop, not "micro-manage" but stop, the fiasco (goals unattainable and, in any case, exactly the wrong goals) of Tarbaby Iraq, then to begin Congressional investigations of the Department of Homeland Security, and its policies, all the way from the FBI "outreach" to Muslims and naive use of CAIR, to the minimizing of events, and the suppression of information that might lead to a more sensible apprehension of, understanding of, the nature of the permanent threat that the ideology of Islam, if taken seriously, presents to all Infidels, everywhere.

That will shut at least some up about the so-called "surrendercrats." And failure to combine fury at the squandering of men, money, matériel, and morale, civilian and military, in Iraq, with fury at how inept has been the presentation of the real problem, the inability of those for whom the word "religion" entitles some belief-system to automatic, salaam-salaam respect, and the laziness about comprehending, and the fear of offending -- offending people who are quick to take offense, or pretend to, whenever the least home truth is uttered about the doctrine, or history, of Islam and Jihad-conquest and mistreatment of non-Muslims in Muslim-dominated lands.

Can't someone or some group of someones, both in domestic and in foreign policy connected to Islam, at long last cut the crap? What a sigh of relief, what an explosion of support, would ensure, despite the attempted accompaniment of Duranty-Times bien-pensant tut-tutting, a tut-tutting one can well imagine.