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Glenda Slagg writes

As well as E. J. Thribb/Throbb, this website now has another Private Eye soundalike - Glenda Slagg, A.K.A. regular reader Paul Blaskowicz. Glenda shares her fickle tabloid thoughts on the subject of my Pseudsday Tuesday post, Fritjhof Schuon:

Glenda says - sure makes me weep to read this - it's soooo beautiful!!.  Reminds me of my old Irish neighbour,Laundrene O'Hara - what a kindly, salt-of-the-earth, old bird she was!!!  "Glenda, darlin',  it's beata simplicitas", she used to say!! It means something like,  to the pure all things are pure!!!  Only hardened, anti-religious cynics could find anything to snigger about here.  Like silly schoolboys!!!  It breaks Glenda's old heart to think of this beautiful scene : the good old Saint Nonnos moved to tears at the magnificence of God's creation, and in contemplation of this sincere and lovely, holy young virgin, St.  Pelagia, about to get christened in the nude into Christ's sacred Church.  Yes: the nude, boys!!!  Get over it!!! Grow up!!!

Jeez!!! What a perve that old so-called saint  Nonny-nonny was!!!  Peeping-tomming a young virgin when she goes skinny dipping in the pool!!!  The old lech!!! Talk about uprisings in the lowlands!!! She should have cut him off in his prime!! Give him a bobbit, Pelagia!!! Hey - isn't Pelagia some sorta skin disease?!?!!  Know what I mean??!!! Hope that pool wasn't at the back of the pox clinic on the ole Appian Way!!! Geddit?

Fritjhof Schuon - howdy!!! How d'ya pronounce ya name, old timer??!! Can I call you Friti??!!!  Gives Glenda a bit of a frisson!!! And you can take my shoe OFF any time you want, honeybun - and everything else.  And Glenda does mean everything!!!  bet that beard's tickled a few fancies in its time!!! Geddit??!!!  Fritjhof Schuon!!! Crazy name!!! Crazy guy!!!