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Suicide Bomber Strikes As Gunfight Rages
A suicide bomber has killed 25 people in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Another 20 people were injured in the attack.
A hospital source said a bomber wearing a suicide explosives vest walked up to a queue of young men at a police recruitment centre and detonated the bomb.
It came as US forces fought a sustained gun battle with suspected al Qaeda fighters in western Baghdad, reportedly killing a senior terrorist figure and arresting dozens of others.
A source in Fallujah said at least 10 police officers were among the 25 people killed in the suicide attack.
Police said the bomber detonated his bomb at the third of four checkpoints as he stood among recruits who were lining up to apply for jobs on the force.
The centre had only been opened on Saturday in a primary school in eastern Fallujah.
Meanwhile, US forces backed by helicopter gunships clashed with suspected al Qaeda gunmen in western Baghdad in an engagement that lasted several hours.
The fighting in the capital's Amariyah neighbourhood exploded after residents there called for US help.
Members of al Qaeda, who consider the district part of their so-called Islamic State of Iraq, were preventing students from attending final examinations, shooting randomly and forcing residents to stay in their homes, according to an official of the district council.