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Everyone Thinks So

"As President Bush repeatedly preaches, Islam is a religion of peace."-- from a student newspaper at the University of Michigan

Yes, George Bush. The man who has been right about everything. Now quoted in defense of the proposition that "Islam is a religion of peace." Why? Because CAIR says so. Because Al-Qaradawi says so. Because Sheik Bin Baz used to say so. Because Tariq Ramadan says so. Because Karen Armstrong says so. Because John Esposito says so. Because two dozen former ambassadors to Arab countries, on the take both directly and indirectly, would have us say so. Because Jimmy Carter thinks so -- devoutly, piously, with good wishes for the whole wide world except, perhaps, for those "Zionists" and their supporters.

Everyone thinks so. And President Bush thinks so. Doesn't that take care of it?