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Pro-Israel statements can be pro-forma. I don't think this one is, and the appeal to the reader to sympathetically engage with the plight of the Israelis -- a permanent plight not to be "solved" with a two-state or one-state or anything-at-all "solution" -- is what strikes the reader. No matter who helped to write this, it is this that Fred Thompson wanted to sign, wanted to express. Possibly he will now help Republicans connect the dots between the war on Israel, the Lesser Jihad, and the larger, world-wide Jihad. That means working to reverse the incessant Arab and Muslim effort, since 1967, to create out of the local Arabs a "Palestinian people," and to work to disguise the Jihad against Israel as a "nationalist" struggle "between two tiny peoples blah blah."

Thompson is smart enough to understand all this, and eloquent enough to express it. He might start by demoting the word "Palestinian" to adjective: "Palestinian Arabs" rather than "Palestinians." This is something that all those hoping to instruct aright should get used to -- and know the reason, and be able to defend the use, of that phrase, and indeed, of the phrase "the Lesser Jihad."