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Dozy bint not just of the week but of the month.
From the Daily Mirror
THERE isn't much about Sophy Delavigne that surprises her friends anymore.
But none of them could have predicted Sophy's latest - and biggest - surprise.
The 35-year-old pub manager from Chobham, Surrey, went on holiday to Egypt, met local barman Mohamed Ali... and married him 24 hours later.
Now the new Mrs Ali, who has two children from her first marriage, is preparing to sell her home and move to Egypt to be with her husband.
"He completely swept me off my feet," she says. "He's so romantic. I'm not stupid and I know I haven't known him for very long, but I've decided to give this marriage my best shot. And if it doesn't work it doesn't, but at least I've tried."
"I decided to take my book to the bar," Sophy says. "No one else was in there, so I ordered coffee and Mohamed and I started talking. I told him the music they were playing was terrible - and he told me he thought I was beautiful.
"We kept laughing and he then said, 'I'd like to take you out tonight.' And I thought, 'Why not?'" Mohamed, 28, took Sophy to an English-speaking bar nearby.
"He made me feel very special," she smiles. "When we were walking back, he picked a white flower and gave it to me. It was so different to the British men I've dated. At the end of the night he walked me back to the hotel and we had a goodnight kiss. A perfect first date."
But the next day was her last full day in the resort and she met Mohamed for one final drink. "He looked sad and said, 'I want to spend time with you'. We couldn't go back to my hotel room because Carole was asleep there and Mohamed had friends staying at his place, so he took me to another hotel.
"When we got there, he suddenly said: 'In Egypt, you can't stay in a room with someone unless you're married, so shall we get married?' I was shocked - but then I thought, 'What the hell!' I didn't take it too seriously to be honest.
"I signed the marriage certificate they pulled from a drawer and the manager was our witness - and that was that! (I have heard of the hot sheets motel, but not the hot sheets wedding chapel. Ew)
"Looking back, it wasn't very romantic - but we had the most fantastic sex that night. I thought, 'Thank God I've married him, because if I hadn't, I would have done as soon as I could.'"
 Later that day, Mohamed saw Sophy off to the airport. She says: "He looked me in the eyes and said, 'You're my wife now, you're the only one. I want you to be with me.'"
At first, Sophy was cynical about whether Mohamed was telling the truth. "But as soon as the plane landed in England I got a phone call from him, checking that I had got home in one piece." A few days later, Mohamed sent her a gold ring - and now she is convinced they can make their marriage work.
Their marriage isn't yet recognised in Britain, and has still to be registered in Egypt but Sophy plans to do that when they move in together.
She adds: "I'm not stupid, I'm realistic. But I am in love with him and I really want this to last." 
Mrs Delavigne, do yourself a favour. Go to the internet, call up a good search engine and look up Mut’ah. Islamic temporary marriage.