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Adante mobile

Or cell, or "it."  No doubt, MJ, the thing is useful.  Skenazy is, in fact, a user who would agree with you.  As would folks confined to wheelchairs and others in similar straits.  Nevertheless, it is not a phone—at least not any longer merely a phone.  It is a piece of technology one keeps perpetually on one's person, as one might a hearing aid or contact lenses.

It can be studied from a metaphysical angle as one can study television.  In fact, it should be so studied with mastery in mind lest its ubiquity blind us to consequences of its use and bind us with invisible shackles. First, in repose, completely turned off.  Contemplate it for ten minutes.  Then, turn it on but do not respond to it.  Count the number of calls which come in per minute.  Finally, pick it up and use it.  (Follow the same procedure with TV, but study it entirely off, then with just the picture, finally with picture and sound.)  Mastery on a mechanical level isn't as necessary for illumination, but it wouldn't hurt.

Re Amish web sites: Googling produces interesting results.  The Amish rely on things like to help sell their products but as far as I could see they do not actually run or license their own sites.  On the web but not of it, I suppose.