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Constable's Presser in Scotland

Latest details on the Glasgow terrorist attack, based on a press conference in Scotland just completed (at 450pm Eastern Time): 

Two men in custody—police have not identified them by name or any other pedigree information.   

One of them is in critical condition from severe burns and detained in the hospital.  There was a “suspect device” found on him, and as a result the hospital had to be partially evacuated.  Police were asked whether the device was a “suicide belt” but declined to answer beyond saying the device was “removed and brought to a safe place.”  

The other suspect is in police custody. 

The SUV used in the attack is still at the airport and still deemed very unstable.  Police will not be able to examine it until the specialists give them the high sign.  Until then, the airport is considered unstable.  The vehicle contained materials that were flammable and that continues to be the continuing concern—police are not saying there are chemical components. As a result of the instability, there are still passengers stuck on the tarmac because it is deemed to be safer to keep them where they are at the moment than to move them. 

The police do not know whether there were other conspirators in the car other than the two in custody.  There were apparently 30 or more people outside the terminal when the incident happened and police are asking them to come forward and tell police what, if anything, they saw. 

It is unclear when authorities will be able to pronounce the airport safe. 

Police are deeming today’s attack a terrorist attack that is linked to the two attacks on Friday in London.