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The Devil has the Best Tunes
And the Left has some of the best writers.  My lunchtime reading was Ian Parker's terrific article on bonobo chimps in the current (7/30) issue of The New Yorker.  As well as being informative and PC-debunking (the bonobos are supposed to be the "nice" chimps—bisexual, communitarian, pacifistic, etc.—there is quite a cult), Parker is *funny*.  Tramping through the Congo rain forest:  "We stopped after a few minutes.  I looked upward through binoculars and, not long afterward, removed the lens caps."
If you let your New Yorker subscription lapse, they come at you with more & more sensational offers, till you can't refuse.  I think I'm paying about 60 cents an issue, vs. newsstand price of $4.50.  There's enough nonpolitical stuff to make it worth reading, & the cartoons of course are great.