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On The Stump, Still Apparently Stumped

The Bush administration has decided to sharply scale back its plan to screen U.S. foreign aid contractors around the globe for potential terrorism connections, deciding instead to begin with a pilot program involving aid recipients in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip before expanding it worldwide. -- from this news item

What candidate for President will raise this matter, will protest this ill-considered and dangerous decision? Who will raise it? Who will go further, and start to say "Stop the Jizyah." And by doing so, raise an issue that must be raised, and introduce the concept of "Jizyah" to the broad public, and even to members of our permanent political class who appear to think they can discuss Iraq, supporting the President or criticising the President, and discuss Iran, supporting this or deploring that, and can discuss Pakistan and the Taliban, or Pakistan and India, or unrest in southern Thailand, or the southern Philippines, or the electon of Gul and the unhappy secularists in Turkey, or the future of the E.U., or the future of NATO, or the so-called "peace process" between Arabs and Israelis that will supposedly lead to what some brightly describe as a "solution" to the Arab war -- a war without end, though a containable war, a war that will permit Israel to survive and to deprive the triumphalists of Islam of a significant and dangerous triumph -- signing Op/Ed articles, delivering speeches, holding hearings, making all kinds of pronouncements, but never ever anything of much worth, because ever and always it is a case of ignoring the texts, the tenets, the inevitable attitudes, the stifling atmospherics, in societies and states and even among families suffused with Islam.