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More happening in Sweden over Mohammed dog.

I don't know any Swedish, so this was a voyage of discovery on the  Nerikes Allehanda  website, via links on the English language Local.  News from The Local, pictures from Nerikes Allehanda, the Swedish newspaper which published drawings by artist  Lars Vilks depicting Mohammed as a dog.

Just after 2pm on Friday a group of around 300 demonstrators marched the short distance from the Islamic Cultural Centre in Örebro to the offices of Nerikes Allehanda newspaper. The demonstrators chanted slogans and bore placards demanding an apology from the newspaper and calling for a ban on insults to Muhammad. . . But not everybody in the Swedish Muslim community has applauded Friday's demonstration - the second in the space of a week.
The controversy has gained momentum in recent days following official protests from the Pakistani foreign ministry and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The Islamic Cultural Centre was not the only group protesting outside Nerikes Allehanda's offices. An hour earlier, representatives from the Liberal Party's youth wing showed for a demonstration in support of freedom of expression.  "We are doing this to protect freedom of expression and freedom of the press. It has come to our attention that there are people don't think people should be able to say what they want and that makes us angry. Freedom of expression is absolutely central,"

Meanwhile the artist behind the controversial caricature of the Muslim prophet Muhammad published in Nerikes Allehanda, Lars Vilks, claims to have begun receiving death threats. . . "There have been a lot of threats. A variety of death threats have come through via telephone, e-mail and in the comment section in my blog," Vilks told TV4.  Despite the death threats, the artist says that he has no regrets about drawing the pictures of Muhammad as a dog.

Final article from The Local  - Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has spoken out about the need for Sweden to stand up for press freedoms following the controversy surrounding the publication by a local newspaper of a drawing of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. (I do like the way that The Local consistently qualifies Mohammed as the "Muslim" prophet, by inference not to be confused with the likes of Isaiah or Ezekiel)
Asked whether Sweden risked being drawn into a similar situation as that faced by Denmark last year, Reinfeldt replied: "I think it's important to say two things. First, we are eager to ensure that Sweden remains a country in which Muslims and Christians, people who believe in God and people who don't believe in God, can live side by side in a spirit of mutual respect.
We are also eager to stand up for freedom of expression, which is enshrined in the constitution and comes naturally to us, and which ensures that we do not make political decisions about what gets published in the newspapers. I want to make sure we keep things that way,"

"Ilskan över Muhammedpubliceringen var påtaglig när 300 muslimer demonstrerade" which I take to mean 300 Muslims demonstrate over Mohammed publication.

"Svenska flaggan brändes i Pakistan" which I think means Swedish Flag burnt in Pakistan.